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Saiyan Name Generator

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How to generate DB Saiyan Names?

Follow below steps to generate unique Saiyan Names for your characters.

  1. On above select the Gender of your choice (male or female).
  2. Click On above or below Generate Button to randomly generate 20 Saiyan Names.
  3. Wait for one seconds to load all the name
  4. Click On 'Copy' Button to copy name in clipboard.
  5. Or click On '☆' Button to saved favourite name.
  6. If you are not satisfied with the DB names result again follow above steps till then you get you favourite Saiyan Names.

Saiyan Names For Your Characters

Saiyans are a group of sapient humanoid and a strong race of warrior from the ANimated Hapanedse series Dragon BallZ

They are a hugely successful and popular anime and manga series, Dragon Ball Z made the Japanese animation to a much large global scale.

In the series, Saiyans are an endangered species because their planet was destroyed by a villain named Frieza.

Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball Z was always very careful when chose the name of the character and the fans of the show all around the work are envious and curious about how he comes up with these names.

If you dream of becoming a Super Saiyan like Goku or Vegeta, you need a name that matches your reputation.

Thankfully for you, the Dragon Ball series stars have made a generator that makes names for such occasions.

Christopher Sabat, who is the voice actor of Vegeta, on Twitter, published his “super thought out” formula with fans and now the equation is a hit.

If you are planning to experiment with Sabat’s name generator of super Saiyan, all you have to do is simple; Super Saiyan + the last veggie you had minus its last 2 letters.

The word yasai in Japanese refers to vegetables and by rearranging the therm Yasai, the creators of the Dragon ball created the worn Saiya.

From this, you can see that a lot of Saiyans have a name the sounds similar to vegetables.

The first young character to achieve the super Saiyan form is Gohan, which refers to cooked rice in Japanese.

Saiyan characters and Dragon Ball Z have influenced numerous anime and manga artists worldwide.

To make you job easier, we have compiled a list of some of the best Saiyan name, along with their meaning and place of origin.

Some DB Saiyan Names?


  • Bardock: The name is of Japanese origin and derived from the root vegetable grown in japan known as Bardock. As the father of Goku, it is one of the famous Dragon Ball Z names
  • Beets: As you may have already figured out, this word comes from the word beetroot and the character is a time-patroller.
  • Binas: The name has an English origin from the word beans.
  • Totepo or Borgos: This word has Japanese origin and is derived from the vegetable potato and the character is very muscular and tall.
  • Broly: This name has an English origin and is derived from the vegetable name Broccoli and the character is a fierce Saiyan warrior
  • Bukha: This word has an Arabic origin and is adopted from the Arabian food Matbukha
  • Cabba: this fierce Saiyan warrior from universe 6 derives his name from Cabbage.
  • Jagamo: This word has English origins and is from the word Marjoram
  • Kakarot: Goku’s birth name is derived from the English word carrot.
  • Nappa: This word has a Japanese origin and refers to leaf or green plants that can be consumed. Nappa is a strong Saiyan warrior who is Vegeta’s partner.
  • Paragus: The father of Broly is named after the vegetable Asparagus.
  • Raditz: Goku’s full-blooded Saiyan brother has his name derived from the word Radish.
  • Trunks: Vegeta’s and Bulma’s son is named after the English word Trunks.
  • Vasabi: This name which has a Japanese origin is derived from the word Wasabi.
  • Vegeta: Dragon Ball’s prince Vegeta is named after the English word Vegetables.

Female Super Saiyan

Now, let’s take a look at some of the important Dragon Ball names for women.


  • Caulifla: Who is one of the female Saiyans from Universe 6 and who becomes the first female super Saiyan has her name derived from the word Cauliflower.
  • Gine: The wife of Bardock and the mother of Raditz and Goku, she is a kind-hearted and warm character. Her name is derived from the Japanese word Negi, which means Spring Onion.
  • Kiclee: This character appearing in the Fusion game looks like Goku and is an admirer of Saiyan race, whose name is derived from the English word Cicely
  • Lisee: This superfast, unfashionable character from the Fusion game has her name derived from the word Linseed
  • Mint: This character who is an offworlder hybrid is known for her kindness and is derived from the word Mint.
  • Narmis: This expert swordswoman character, who is known for her pigtail hairstyle and for having a crush on her opponents has her name derived from the Malaysian word Sayur Manis, which means sweet vegetable.
  • Nira: This Dragon Ball fusion character is a B-ranked fighter and believes that a solid punch is the effective way to win a fight. Her name is derived from the Hebrew word Nir.
  • Pan: Goku’s granddaughter and Gohan’s daughter with Videl have her name derived from the Japanese Word for Bread.
  • Seripa: The only female fighter in Bardock’s army has her name derived from the word Parsley.
  • Stabba: One of the oldest purebred Saiyans derives her name from the Malaysian word Sabah, it is also known as Sabah Veggie
  • Bisuna: This is a female TIme Patrol Saiyan coming from the xenoverse.
  • Bulla: This is the name of the daughter of Vegeta and Bulma, who is a partial Saiyan female. Her personality resembles her father and her appearance is similar to her mother.
  • Chokly: This tomboy character with a small body is from the Dragon Ball Fusions game and is known for her quickness in combat and likes to be treated like a boy.
  • Fasha: This female Sayin warrior is the final incarnation of Bardock’s Planet Elite Planet Force and is a skilled female warrior with a great system of honor.
  • Hakuba: This is a character who appears in the Xenoverse is a Time Patrol agent
  • Kale: This female Saiyan who becomes the second female Super Saiyan is the best friend of Caulifa.
  • Kalif: This female Saiyan makes her appearance in the Dragon Ball Fusion video game as an A-ranked fighter.
  • Kefla: This is the name of the fusion of the two female Super Saiyans Caulifla and Kale, using the Potara earrings, which gives them the ability to fuse their bodies.
  • Nion: This female Saiyan who is a member of the Frieza Force is a scientist and is known for her intelligence.