Seed is the father of Tree

Seed is the father of Tree

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The seed contains a vital element. It starts sprouting after receiving moisture and initial nutrient compatibility. After that, whether he grows, grows a plant and grabs the tree or not, it depends on whether he has received the necessary fertilizer and water to nourish the roots. If his requirements are met then the growth does not stop, but if the seed remains in the sack in its place, it is dried and kept from insects, then it will remain as it is for years. When it becomes very old, it will become stunted by the effect of time, or by destroying it with insects like mite.

The seed has the power to grow if it is ripe. If he is broken in raw condition, then even if he can come to work, the ability to sow and grow will not be developed. It will look similar to other seeds, but it will be seen that it does not have the quality that is found in the mature state of seeds. Every human has a life force, but the amount of modulus remains. It depends on whether efforts are made to bring the seeds of life to maturity or to bring non-maturity.

The development and maturation of human life force depend on whether there was a set of previously accumulated sacraments. Whether there was any desired excellence or maturity in the mother’s semen while conceiving? Did he get initial nutrition or not? Whether the grants for the life process are received in sufficient quantity or not? These are all requirements to be fulfilled in the embryo. After this, when the mature child breathes in the open environment of the world and takes the effect of the environment built by the near people, then, in that case, a man takes the effect. By food, the climate creates the level of the gross body, but the vital effect is available only from the consciousness of the nearby people. A person cannot rise high from the point of view of contact with mouldy and untouched people. From the point of view of musculature, it can be thick, thin or beautiful, ugly, but the talent found in the person, the character level is seen, it depends on which level of life and ability in the contact environment. Was present Food makes blood flesh, but the ability to develop personality is in those people who leave an impact on the younger due to their nobility. Man’s own thinking, meditation also works in this context. He also impresses himself with his will power and will power. Pre-accumulated rites also emerge automatically after finding such an environment. The grass dries up in summer, yet there is some moisture in its roots inside the ground. Those roots sprout spontaneously as soon as it rains and spread rapidly on the ground spreading its greenery.

All these are the reasons for which, despite the absence of special means, a man’s self-confidence can be seen in a developed state, and he too can be seen as an illustrious being in the unfolding light. Many people are found full of subtle characteristics even when they do not try acts like yoga, penance, meditation, rituals. They also get this gift in the form of birthright or they begin to be visible from time to time. This spontaneous disclosure is also not accidental. There are embodied reasons behind it that cannot be called events or efforts, but there are invisible and unknowable reasons due to which some special person manifests miraculous abilities in them, but their fellow neighbours remain deprived of those characteristics.

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