Lifeforce is the light that shines from within

Lifeforce is the light that shines from within

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Lifeforce is the light that shines like a lamp oil in the eyes of human beings, in speech, in activities, in emotions, in wisdom, in thoughts and in light. This is the real power of human life. Having this same feature, other compatibilities and facilities automatically generate, collect and attract. Those who do not have this distinction, the assets of that weak person are kidnapped by other powerful people. The horse slams the clumsy rider.
In which there is no power of protection, he cannot retain the acquired assets. Celebrities do not live near the weak. Considering this fact, thoughtful people have to make physical and spiritual efforts to maintain and increase their competence.

Lifeforce shines in the body in the form of sickness, long life, confirmation and beauty. The status of that life-force is judged in the form of bravery, courage, loyalty, perseverance, perseverance, self-control, warm-heartedness, gentleness, foresight and prudence. This life is the basis of the overall personality of the personality. The scriptures have sung its glory from the free gorge and have introduced to the common people the best brilliance of this creation, that they should not forget, keep this power source — this storehouse in mind and if success in life goals If you want to achieve, try to develop the system, acquired.

In this way, success and attainment are achieved on a step-by-step basis due to the arising of life and various powers. Shortness of life is the cause of social disasters, lacks and mourning. The weak are attacked from every direction, the divine is also fatal. Luck also does not support him and as dead eagles run like eagles, crows run likewise, plagues are broken on the elements man. Therefore every intelligent should take shelter of life.

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