Some thoughts on earth’s gravity

Some thoughts on earth’s gravity

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Earth has attraction power, so it draws other objects in its sphere of influence. Inspired by this stretch, things fall from the top down. What is the weight? Weight is the name of the power that a certain object has to be applied to prevent it from pulling towards the earth. In other words, the pressure of the attraction power of the earth falling on the matter can be called weight.

This pressure is not always the same. According to the circumstances, it keeps on moving and the weight of the other things also decreases. The heavier a substance is in the open space, the heavier it will be when immersed in water. Because water reduces the effect of attraction power, even astringent matter will be light in the weighment. The attraction power is at full thrust on the surface of the earth and the lower it gets, the slower it gets. The weight of the object on the ground is not as high as it reaches the summit and if we fly in the sky above, the weight will decrease even more.

Yes, one thing has to be kept in mind in this measure that the scales and weights should be made in such a way that the attraction power of the earth is not pressed on them, otherwise the weight will remain as it is.

He does not have to fall anywhere, the reason for the fall is the attraction generated. Those who have been given different names. When this attraction affects the senses, then it is called lust. Affects the mind, then his name becomes lustful. When it originates from wealth, it is called greed and when a person gets stretched it is called attachment. Virtually all those attractions are of the same level. Things pull us towards us. The speed with which we are affected and drawn in it is the name of decline or fall. How much this collapse is happening and how much power is required to stop it – if we gamble it, our weight can be measured.

The condition of increasing the weight when it is below and its lightness on rising high can be measured by such a scale, which itself is pressure-free. In fact, there is no direction in this vast universe. Everything can remain where it is. The moon looks above us and by going to the moon it appears that the earth has risen up in the sky. The same thing is about other planetary constellations. If we go to any of them, we will see that our people are inferior and the earth is shining up in the sky in the same way as we see any star. The name of pulling from the stretch of attraction power is to fall. The direction of falling is considered below.

If we fly towards Mars, we will think that we are going up as long as we fight ahead with the attraction power of the earth. When Mars enters the field of attraction power it will seem that the fall has started. As the pressure of the stretch increases, the speed of the fall will increase by the same ratio. Considering the same fact, one has to come to the conclusion that the fall and nothing — lowliness and nowhere else — depends on how we are affected by the attractions. It is possible only by remaining free that it remains in its original position, staying in its real power.

Human power is as elaborate as the eternal sky. Its high layers become dust, haze and dense heaviness respectively, and finally, the level in which the light and effect of cosmos can be seen more clearly. Whether this fact is accepted or understood or not, this is the truth and there is no other way to rise higher without seeing, knowing and accepting it.

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